We are so excited to bring to you all for the first time at mL…TAMARA LEVINSON! She has a wealth of dance knowledge that you won’t want to miss out on! THIS TUESDAY 9PM POP UP CLASS!! Her body of work speaks for itself, so we dare you to try something new ;)



I am finally teaching a dance class in LA! I’m excited about it and i hope you will come out and join me. THE STYLE: FREEDOM! come and be free! express yourself through your art without having to impress anyone. just enjoy moving and being in your body, because thats why we all started dancing in the first place. without judgement, thought, or fear. Challenge yourself and come to class and see what happens. i promise you will leave inspired! Hope to see you there. The more people, the more energy, the more love! please help me spread the word. 

much love

tamara levinson


WHERE: MOVEMENT LIFESTYLE, 11135 Weddington st. #116, NOHO, 91601

***please bring water, dress comfortably, wear your sneakers 

Who the hell is Tamara Levinson and what can she teach me? good question, please read below:

TAMARA LEVINSON, was born in Argentina and grew up in New York City. Being a USA Olympian in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics at age fifteen, she naturally pursued dance as a career. Tamara’s versatility as a dancer, aerial artist and contortionist lead her to dancing with Madonna on three world tours (Drowned World, Re-invention, Confessions). She has also performed along side great artists such as Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, Rihanna and others. Tamara’s love for live avant garde theatre coincided with her argentine roots when she joined the cast of De La Guarda’s “Villa Villa”- off broadway in New York City. There she met ingenious director Diqui James and joined his creative team to conceive the still running off broadway hit Fuerzabruta. Most recently she helped integrate pop star, USHER into their Fuerzabruta cast. Ms. Levinson also had the great pleasure of working with the legendary Twyla Tharp on Broadway in The Times They Are A’Changin. Film credits include Footloose and Step Up 3-D. The many years of performing eventually lead Tamara into choreography. She has choreographed national commercials, videos and live stage shows for artists  Mana, Ricky Martin, David Guetta, Death Cab For Cutie and most recently Cirque Du Soleil’s Michael Jackson Immortal show. Due to her diverse cultural upbringing and vast dance and aerial knowledge, Ms. Levinson’s take on choreography is versatile, powerful, visually pleasing on screen, raw, freshly innovative and creatively expansive. 

OK , she can write it but can she actually  do it… check it:

choreography reel:


performance reel:


representing the USA at world championship in the sport of rhythmic gymnastics at age 15:


and if your not bored yet, more fun…:)



Please come to class and help me tell others. i promise you will never experience another class like this. see you there. 

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